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This is an academic project put together by 7 students of The Academy of Interactive Entertainment in Adelaide. It was built in 6 weeks, and is designed to be a vertical slice of a full game. It has two scenarios available(heist and Arena) and is specifically intended to be played with 4 players.

in the Heist, you work both against each other and with ech other to try and complete the level. You have to work through successively difficult platforming areas while collecting as many pieces of tech as you can. Overall your goal is to collect a large meteor and escape. The player with the Meteor earns an additional 800 points.

In the Arena, you fight each other for points. Each kill is five points.

The premise of the game is that you each are contractors for different large companies working to complete different kinds of jobs. You use a mix of combat and platforming to gain the most points in a round and overcome your fellow players. Sometimes you will have to work together to solve problems. You can choose not to, but it will make your life harder.


Designers: David McCann, Thomas Kerr

Programmers: Tyler Marcelis, Erick Watson

Artists: Tamara Lynch, Hudson Liebelt, Christopher Sandor

Music supplied by IlLusion, available from 


"Corporation Icons sourced from https://www.flaticon.com/ All credit goes to the original artists."


TechDash Trailer.mp4 69 MB
Techdashv1.2.zip 328 MB

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